Discover the exclusive privileges with a membership of ASTELLA Star Club just only for you.

Every spending with ASTELLA rewards you in the exclusive benefits and special events

Every your birthday month, Get a special discount code.



*Terms and Conditions of ASTELLA Star Club Member

1. Member class will be upgraded on the first date of next month.

2. ASTELLA Star Club Member will get your birthday special discount code via email you provide.

​3. We will prior notify you about your accumulated spending with us when your member class may be changed via email you provide.

4. ASTELLA Star Club Member cannot be transferred to another owner. We reserve the right without notice to suspend or terminate your membership when we believe in our sole discretion may result in the violation.

​5. We may at our sole discretion change, cancel, reconsider or terminate portions of these Terms and Conditions of ASTELLA Star Club Member including its benefits by prior notifying you via email you provide.

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